It's Not About the Numbers

Letting go of your credit score and the amount of debt you owe,  so you can get to the real issue and create sustainable change.

January 18th, 19th, & 20th 2022

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During this live Master Class, you will learn:

Ways that you are wealthy right now!

Kick off 2022 feeling amazing about your finances.

  • How to Make sustainable changes with your finances.
  • The Badass Mindset that'll set you up for success.
  • How you can rock your finances even if you suck at math.

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About the Webinar

Too often when you try to get out of debt, you are focusing on the numbers, the numbers in your bank account, the number of your credit score, or maybe you're crunching numbers to create a budget... but here's the thing, by focusing on the numbers you're dealing with the secondary issue.

You are not dealing with the root of the problem. This Masterclass is going to throw out the numbers and get to the root of the problem that causes you to overspend.

“What if I can't attend the session?”

This Masterclass is value-packed and I want you to get the most out of it. I know you are busy, that's why there are 3 different dates for you to choose from.  Pick the date and time that work best for you and then show up ready to learn! Commit to the financial future you want to have!

Awesome, I'm In!

Meet the Instructor

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Marie Sonneman (@Ordinarytobadass)

Marie Sonneman believes your numbers play a small role in your finances, whereas other financial coaches will tell you to focus on the numbers. Marie believes finances shouldn't feel so heavy and you don't have to be analytical to be good with money.

Marie paid off $106,000 in debt in just under 2 years. She believes you can do it too!

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January 18, 2022


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January 19, 2022



January 20, 2022